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Welcome to the First Impact Investing Academy 2018

 Aug 2018

Vienna, Augsut 10, 2018 - From November 8-9, 2018, the first Impact Investing Academy in Austria will take place at Tulbingerkogel near Vienna. The small, exclusive event (there will be no more than 15 participants) is organized by the Austrian Angel Investors Association (aaia) - a private network of entrepreneurs, investors and representatives of corporate companies in Austria – in cooperation with other organizations.

This first Impact Investing Academy will gather a select group of experts and key players in the impact investing community. In a series of workshops, they will pass on their insider knowledge and experience to up-and-coming investors who are interested in working with start-ups and want to learn more about how to become impact investors or business angels respectively. The Academy is also open to investors who are already active in this field and simply want to benefit from the know-how of more experienced impact investors. In this sense, the Impact Investing Academy is also valuable as a networking event, not just for the purpose of knowledge-sharing, but also for finding potential partners for co-financing suitable start-up projects.

Important issues under discussion during the two-day Academy are: What is Impact Investing really? How is it different from traditional investment strategies? How does one measure impact? What is meant by “theory of change”? Which are the financing instruments of impact investing and which tools are available? What are best-practice examples and how can impact investors learn from them? How can future impact investors get started?

Some Highlights of the Program

The Impact Investing Agenda starts off with a presentation of facts and figures around the topic of impact investing and gives an overview of the impact investing landscape in Austria and the global development. Following is a theoretical part that explores the meaning of “theory of change” and impact modelling. Real-life stories, best-practice examples and case stories are another key area of emphasis. Finally, financial instruments for impact investing as well as possible exit scenarios are also being discussed.

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About aaia

The Austrian Angel Investors Association, abbreviated aaia, is a private, high-level network of entrepreneurs, investors and representatives of corporations in Austria, who already are, or wish to become, Business Angels to start-ups. Thus, the association functions as direct contact point for investors and start-ups and has set out to promote the start-up scene in Austria.

Founded in 2012 as an independent non-profit organization, its work focuses on the national and international networking of angel investors, capacity building, awareness-raising and improving the legal framework for angel investments.

With over 200 members, the Austrian Angel Investors Association has developed to one of the most important stakeholders in the Austrian start-up ecosystem.

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