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Innovative Firm Manages Investment Strategy Focused on Animal Welfare

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 Jul 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 17, 2018 - Today marks the launch of Karner Blue Capital, one of the nation’s first investment firms to offer socially responsible strategies focused on animal welfare. Karner Blue Capital’s approach to “compassionate investing with impact” uses proprietary research to identify companies that exhibit industry leadership in their use and treatment of animals and animal habitats. The firm’s Global Animal Welfare Strategy includes up to 119 companies representing 18 industries ranging from food and beverage to information technology.

“Our strategy provides an opportunity for socially responsible investors to play a role in promoting the just and compassionate treatment of animals,” said Vicki Benjamin, managing member and president of Karner Blue Capital. “Companies have an ethical responsibility to the animals affected by their operations, and inadequate animal welfare policies expose corporations to heightened reputational, environmental and regulatory risks.”

Based on Karner Blue Capital’s proprietary Animal Welfare Principles, the firm’s differentiated research methodology identifies companies that satisfy environmental, social and governance criteria and evaluates the peer-relative animal welfare performance of those companies using industry-specific key performance indicators.  Only those companies with above-average animal welfare practices, policies and protocols are eligible for inclusion in any Karner Blue strategy, and the weight of each company is based primarily on the strength of its animal welfare performance relative to its industry peers. 

“Karner Blue Capital has developed these innovative strategies to provide our clients with investment exposure that magnifies the impact of those companies that are doing the most to advance animal welfare standards,” added Benjamin. “Through our investment strategies, advocacy and engagement efforts, Karner Blue Capital hopes to provide a bridge between investors and animals to improve the lives of sentient beings globally.”

About Karner Blue Capital

Karner Blue Capital is one of the first investment firms to offer an investment strategy focused on the welfare of animals. As a pioneer of compassionate investing, we seek to use our investment strategies as a positive force to influence the role of corporations in society. Our firm strives to lift animal welfare practices across all industries and improve the lives of animals globally through socially responsible investing. More information can be found at


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